What I’m Working On

I’ve begun working on larger pieces, stoles and shawls, and will be adding more embellishments – beads, fringe, crocheted or macrame borders, stitching, etc.

I ordered some silk chiffon to see how it handled and results were beautiful.  These are three free-form dyed scarves with overmarbling.  This chiffon does get rather stiff after the alum prep so it tends to fold over and I ended up with some flaws, but overall I’m pretty happy.

A charmeuse scarf that I had dyed blue (sort of a sky and clouds look) was marbled first with yellow-gold veins that turned out pea green and pretty awful.  After washing, the paint faded a little, but it was still there so I overmarbled with a nonpareil in the hope that it would cover the pea soup spills or at least camouflage it.  It didn’t, but I did wind up with some nice marbled sections that I can cut down to use in something else.  I don’t generally throw many scraps out because they can be made into fabric beads, jewelry, bags, flowers, etc.  This failed scarf will find a new life as something else!

A large 44 x 44″ square , big enough for a shawl turned out really great.  Dyed cranberry red with some black, it will end up with some macrame’d fringe, maybe some beadwork.

A marbling  experiment – a 44 x 44″ square dyed a dusty rose.  I used a poster board ring to contain the floating paint in the center and to separate it from the swirled border pattern and manipulated it into a flower pattern. Then I lifted the ring and lay the fabric down.

I missed my center target so it’s a little off to one side, but I think it turned out pretty cool!  This will be getting some kind of edging or fringe and maybe some beadwork at the corners.

A soft moss green rectangle stole spattered with alcohol for a pebbly texture.  It was too wide to go into my scarf tank and too long to fit in my big square tank, so I floated shades of green and gold in the narrow scarf tank and deliberately let the fabric fold in on itself randomly to cover the surface resulting in areas of marbling divided by clear shapes.  This piece will have stamped gold fern leaves and maybe some long braided fringes on the short ends.

  • Wow, these are so pretty! I want to see them in person

  • Sue Cole

    I use flat crepe scarves from Dharma Trading for marbling.  They seem to work the best and I like them because the paint shows on both sides of the scarf and they fell silky.

    • Anonymous

       Sue – I’m going to have to line a couple of the large pieces because the dye is a bit uneven which doesn’t show on the marbled side, but on the back side is pretty obvious.  If the marbling showed on the wrong side, as well, that would solve that problem!  Just about ready to order some more fabric – I’ll try the flat crepe, thanks!