Trial and Error – The Errors Can Be More Fun!

Yay!  I think I’ve solved the problem of washed-out marbling color; my size was too thin.  I’ve mixed up a 10-gal. batch of methocel and put it in the trough, ready to alum treat and over-marble some failed scarves.  I got some beautiful 16 mm habotai fabric to cut.  I’m thinking some larger square scarves or even shawls… this is a gorgeous fabric with weight and drape and it’ll be stunning, I just know it!

I stretched a scarf and did a free-form dye painting experimenting with salt and alcohol techniques that actually turned out quite nice.  Daring myself to be more loose, more experimental.  The dye painting process is so forgiving.  I don’t have to worry that it just doesn’t look like a gardenia.  Which is incredibly liberating.

When I want it to look like a gardenia, I can turn to my fabric paints.  I’ve gotten a set of Jacquard Dyna-Flo paints which are extremely fluid and respond very much like dye, and the colors are amazing, so I’m excited to give those a try.  Thinking along the lines of a 60’s psychedelic posterior style design.  I remember making puff letters and Peter Max-ish doodles on my Pee-Chee folders in school 40 something years ago… how can it have been that long?

Anyway, I’ve dabbled my toes in the water long enough – I’m plunging in now!  CANNONBALLLLLLLL!!!!