Something New

My big marbling tank sprang a leak.  Mr. Handyman has spent the last two weekends nailing and gluing the sides and bottom together, caulking the corners, priming and coating with white enamel paint and finally 2 coats of polyurethane.  It’s outside filled with water to “season” (per instructions in Marbling on Paper and Fabric by Carol Taylor).

I went searching for something else I could use as a tray.  I did find some plastic pans that are used for rabbit cages that are in different sizes and might work nicely for smaller projects.  I also discovered a washing machine pan at Lowe’s that was perfect!

That 2 yards of silk fabric that I got?  Cut it into fat quarters (a yard of 45″ fabric cut into four equal pieces 18″ by 22-1/2″), to marble.

I tried a technique called “Spanish wave” which is done with paper.  I double-sided taped a piece of paper to the back of the fabric to stiffen it.  The size made it a little unwieldy, but I was able to get a little “wave” pattern going on the fabric.  Taking it one step further, I cut a piece of self-adhesive shelf paper to stick to the back of the fabric.  This didn’t work out as well – not enough body to lay the fabric down properly and I wound up with large white air bubble holes.

Anyway, after marbling these fat quarter pieces I made little purses!  I did a clutch style and a shoulder bag style and they both came out really cute!