Setting Goals…

…very loosely, since my time is ridiculously limited and just setting up to marble requires a couple of hours so I need to plan my creative sessions around a free weekend which needless to say is a real spontaneity killer.  Anyway, I have a number of really nice pieces of marbled fabric and I’m slowly moving forward with my sewing.  These are more about figuring out what’s easiest to produce in greater numbers and refining technique.  The booth planning is still happening mostly in my head, but I do have my canopy now and I know what I need to get to furnish the interior.  My hope is to be ready with a reasonable inventory and a really nice display for the spring and summer shows.  I got an e-mail about registration for the 2014 Cherry Creek Arts Festival  – what an amazing opportunity that would be, but I don’t think I’ll be up to speed for that kind of exposure this summer.  That’s something I’ll be looking at seriously for 2015.

So, I’m shooting for:

Finishing the marbled pieces that I’ve already done.

Refining my lines of products: Furoshiki squares that will be marketed as convertible garments that can be worn in a number of different ways not to mention used as a tote or handbag.  Circle tops or “flutter tops” – floaty one-size-fits-all beauties.  I’m debating the kimonos – The first one was way too much sewing and work, but I’m in process on a second one that I modified and it’s going together much more easily so maybe a limited selection of those.  I’ve had great response to my clutch purses and I want to try making what’s called a “fortune cookie purse” which is the cutest thing ever and I think would be awesome.  I’ve got a hairband design that’s still in development but has a lot of promise.

Then, obviously, it’s actually producing these things which takes me back to that time management problem.  I guess that little “I’m not ready, I’m not ready” mantra will always be going through my head and I’ll probably NEVER feel like I’m completely prepared but at some point (spring 2014!) it’s going to be time to dive in headfirst and see where I end up.