Marbling Workshop

A few weeks ago I attended a 3-day workshop sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild and taught by Caryl Hancock. Caryl is a wonderful instructor and the other ladies taking the workshop were all so supportive of each other and fun to work with, it was a real pleasure!  This was the first class I’ve taken in many years – I’ve been self taught in my chosen media for the most part except for a couple of adult education pastel classes 30 years ago. A big regret in my life was not getting more art instruction; there’s so much I don’t know… I can dabble and read books and watch Youtube videos only so much before I need someone who has attained a level of proficiency, who has a familiarity with their tools and their art to show me and guide me in ways that I just can’t pick up any other way. And it’s not just the expertise of an instructor, it’s being surrounded by others who are as excited about learning something new as I am that’s so energizing and rejuvenating; new ideas and new approaches that had never occurred to me and opening up doors leading in different directions towards unforeseen results.

It was an incredibly productive three days. I learned a lot. A LOT. I got to immerse myself in the creative process which for me is a way to step outside myself… or maybe go deeper inside myself… I’m not sure how it works but it takes me to a place that’s been healing and sustaining for me since I was very small.

Here are the marbled cotton swatches I did; lots of different techniques as you can see. I learned that I tend toward using the same palette over and over so it was great stretching those boundaries. Color theory isn’t my strong suit so I tend to stick with what I know works but in the workshop where there was nothing to lose, nothing to “ruin” I felt free to play around with colors I otherwise probably never would have used together and I was pleasantly surprised!

IMG_6748 IMG_6749 IMG_6750

I got to try my hand at suminigashi – a Japanese technique that’s deceptively simple but produces delicate, intricate patterns. This is something I could sit and do for HOURS!  I’ve ordered a kit and can’t wait to get started on experimenting with it.

My marbling has been on hold with the craft show and I’ve got a side project in the works but as soon as I’m able to I’ve got lots of ideas floating around just waiting to be tried!

I’ll be looking out for more classes and workshops available about surface design, color theory and maybe just back to basics drawing! It’s been too long…