Just a Little Update

I’ve been busy, busy, busy getting items done for the craft show in *gulp* two weeks!  Depending on how I do with that one, there’s another one I want to register for in November.  I have so many ideas swirling around in my head for things to make and try, I just wish I could spend all my days creating!  I’m making the cutest little hair clips, very excited about how those are coming out, and I got my purse frames that I ordered so that’s next on the list – these are going to be fabulous!  Bowties are definitely happening and I’m in the middle of painting some silk neckties which are looking awesome!

now… will other people be as thrilled about these things as I am?  Am I finally on the path to making a living doing something I really love?  Stay tuned…

  • Brian

    There are always people who love things that are made with love and inspiration by others. Stay inspired and keep it up! Good things will come!