I’ve been continuing to pursue the marbling technique and running into all sorts of technical problems.  First and foremost, after seeking the advice of those more experienced and knowledgeable than I am, I’ve come to the conclusion that carageenan (size made from powdered Irish moss) isn’t working for me.  It takes such a short time for it to become unstable and unusable, it’s just not practical for me when I may go days between marbling sessions.  My colors are dispersing too much and I’m not achieving the rich saturated color that I want.

My next phase of experimentation will be using methocel, which is a cellulose thickener that stays stable much longer and doesn’t end up smelling like month-old fishbowl water (no, seriously – that’s what the carageenan smelled like after a few days!).  I’ll try the colors I have currently on the methocel and see what happens.  If the colors are still too washed out, then I’ll get a couple of tubes of the highly recommended Golden fluid acrylics.  Fortunately, Michael’s actually carries these.  In the meantime, I’m turning my attention to silk painting with dye and fabric paint after checking out a couple of books at the library and getting all kinds of inspired.

Marbling is put on hold.  I need to get a brush in my hand!