End of summer…

…and the true beginnings of Mauveine!  I have my website, I have my photos, I’m honing in on my technique, and I’m organizing my lines of accessories!  I’ve registered for a small one-day show on October 22 and I’m very excited to get my work out there and see people’s reactions.  Now for collateral – business cards, packaging, displays, etc.  I have business/insert cards set up and my son is looking into paper stock to print.  The original thought was to screen print logos onto packaging (bags, boxes, whatever) but for whatever reason the emulsion didn’t burn the images on the screen, so plan B is maybe getting a stamp made for the short-term.  I’d like to recycle paper somehow to make bags or envelopes, but that may prove to be too time-consuming.  There are a lot of great ideas out there and I love the idea of salvaging what would otherwise be discarded to use again.

I’m pretty happy with my inventory of scarves for the show in October so I’m working on more bags and jewelry, headbands, and I got patterns for a necktie and a bow tie that I’ll be trying.  Ooh!  I also want to try to make some Christmas ornaments except instead of cutting out paper, I’ll use stiffened silk.  We’ll see how that works out… in my head it’s awesome.

Tube beads made of fabric dipped in stiffener and rolled around straws or coffee stir sticks are turning out great and I’ll be making up a bunch more of those for bracelets and necklaces.  Fabric flowers are definitely happening, to attach to hair clips, pins, and headbands.

Speaking of recycling, I visited the thrift store and came home with about a half dozen silk blouses that have been deconstructed to use the fabric for small items.  These are already beautiful colors just waiting to be painted or marbled, so that’s the plan for this weekend.

I just hope I can get enough of these done up to have a nice display come October.

  • Geotrek

    Looks great.