I’m always rolling ideas around in my head – while I walk the dog, while I’m lying in bed right before I go to sleep, even while I’m working, an idea will pop up. I’ve got little scraps of paper lying around with sketches and notes, I’ve got a couple of sketchbooks that I doodle in. I’m always writing myself little reminders to look up this or google that… can I get one of those, would it be possible to make that work? I finally got myself a little digital voice recorder that I keep right by my computer that I can pick up and record my thoughts then and there instead of shuffling through Post-It notes muttering “I KNOW I wrote that down somewhere!”

I have no shortage of ideas… it’s time to implement them that I never can find enough of. I also have the bad habit of starting to work out a concept, but then I get inspired to try something else and leave the first thing, then there’s another cool thing I saw that I bet I can do something with, so the second project gets set aside etc., etc., etc. until I have a pile of half-finished pieces. So I’m determined to clear my plate of all these in-progresses. (But all that beautiful white silk is just sitting there…) Gah!

I had been working on a scarf as a gift that I set aside for a while; had some decisions to make about it and I just wasn’t sure which direction to go, but I finally made up my mind and got it done. I just hope she likes it!

I also finished my chiffon swing top which turned out really pretty and I’m very pleased with. At first I thought I would stay away from making garments because of needing to make different sizes, etc., but there are really plenty of ways to come up with more one size fits all types of things that I would like to play around with.

Next up is a scarf that actually consists of three pieces that were dyed and marbled. I set eyelets along the edges and I’m joining them with gold chains – so far so good and I think it’s going to turn out to be a really pretty piece.