Bangles and Beads

As I mentioned before, there are flawed scarves lying around crying for something to be done with them.  Strips of the dyed silk wrapped around aluminum cuff bracelet blanks are working really well.  I’ve picked up a variety of jump rings, beads, crimp ends,  silk cord and thread to fiddle around with.  I landed on the idea of painting a square of silk with fabric stiffener (I think probably diluted Elmer’s would work just as well, but that’s another experiment), and after the fabric has dried it has the same consistency as a parchment paper.  A circle-shaped punch works great to punch out disks, a hole poked with a needle for jump rings to go through enables the disks to be attached together.  Still haven’t actually assembled one of these, but I think the theory is good, right?

I sewed up a couple of little prototype purses – these are sooo cute!  I’ve taken my charmeuse silk fabric and cut into fat quarters (18 x 22″ sections) and marbled them, and along with some satin lining in different colors I think these are going to turn out awesome.

I’m on hold on the scarves – my tank sprang a leak and Mr. Handyman has to re-tool it.  So, in the meantime, I’m focusing my attention on smaller items and noodling around with some bead embellishments, as well as getting back to the necklaces.